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Ongaku Suki:// Music = <3
Recent Entries 
1st-Sep-2007 04:57 pm - Closed
This community is now closed. The current discographies will still be available so if you want to download them, just join the community. No discography will be updated any more. Thanks to those of you who have posted comments. Kind of picking up and moving elsewhere again. I'm expanding beyond just music sharing so I thought it best to get a new place, combined with a new personal LJ. Toodles---

New community located at telechargements.
13th-May-2007 12:04 pm - List of Posted Material
This entry is to keep track of what discographies and collections have been posted and what's coming up. This is also the place to tell me about any problems with the download links although I don't think there should be any with this file host.


-Temporary Hiatus-

Japanese Album Collections

Horie Yui
Hitoto Yo
Sakamoto Maaya

Japanese Discographies

Angela Aki
Iwata Sayuri + PB
Sparkling Point
Tamaki Nami

Other Languages


Lee Soo Young Album Collection

Miscellaneous Downloads


Aki Misato - Sincerely
Amuro Namie - PLAY
FictionJunction AUSKA - everlasting song
Kaoru Amane - Taiyou no Uta
Ruppina - Ruppina BEST


Indochine - Paradize
13th-May-2007 12:00 pm - Community Information
This is a music community devoted mainly to Japanese music, but other languages are liable to pop up now and then. It is maintained by me, chisakidayo. I post discographies or significant collections for an artist, but perhaps also random file dumps. I am obsessed with having quality music. Good music should be listened to in good quality mp3s so the most files here are at least 192 CBR, but a lot of my music is 320 CBR.

This community is friends-only. The most recent post will be public, but to see the older posts, you have to join the community, but before that, please read the following below.

General Guidelines:

  • Comment if you download something. It takes time and effort to upload the music.

  • Do not take my links and post them elsewhere without my permission. Advertising and redirecting people here is great.

  • Please delete the files that you download after 48 hours. If you follow this or not, it is not my responsibility.

  • Support the artists! If you like their stuff, you should buy some of it so they can keep making great music.

If all this is cool with you, feel free to join the community.
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